ICSR Doctoral Symposium

The goal of the Doctoral Symposium is to provide a forum for PhD students working in the area of software and systems reuse, or closely related areas, to discuss their proposed thesis. Students will get feedback on their work from the Symposium Expert Panelists, and will be able to attend regular ICSR sessions. Participants will present their work highlighting the main research challenges, solution directions, results obtained thus far, evaluation plan, and research plan towards the completion of the PhD studies. Presentation, by the student, should be supported by slides. An Expert Panel composed of software reuse researchers will provide written and oral feedback to help students shape their work.

To be considered:

  1. the student should submit a research paper addressing the research problem description and its importance (who will benefit from the solution and how), research challenges, research approach, related work (highlight the novelty of your approach), results to date, plans for evaluation, and references. Please indicate on the top of the front page: your name, the date (month/year) that you started your Ph.D., the expected defense date (month/year), and the name of your advisor(s). The paper is limited to 6 pages in length and must conform to Springer’s LNCS format.
  2. the advisor(s) should approve the PhD student submission by sending an approval email to the symposium chairs (bedir.tekinerdogan@wur.nl, Christelle.Urtado@mines-ales.fr), with subject “ICSR 2022 DS Approval email”.

    The paper should be submitted through EasyChair (link) in the Doctoral Symposium track.

Important dates:
– Deadline for Paper Submission: April 19th, 2022, AoE
– Notification Date: May 3rd, 2022, AoE
– Camera Ready: May 17, 2022, AoE
– Doctoral Symposium: June 15th (afternoon, Paris time)

Invited speaker: Tom Mens, Université de Mons, Belgium.

PhD panel:
The main mission of the panel is to provide graduate and undergraduate students, the opportunity to interact with various faculty, mentors, Ph.D. graduates, young and senior researchers, and engage in discussions about how to conduct a successful early career in research. The panel will be an opportunity to learn more about software engineering research, and its emerging topics. For graduate students, the panel will offer the opportunity to interact with various mentors and seek advice on several topics including (but not limited to):
– Selection of research topics and advisors
– Defining short-term, and long-term research goals
– Research papers writing, and targeting publication venues
– Communication and research presentation skills that are essential for a successful research career
– Networking in academia and industry
– Handling obstacles and important work/life issues researchers deal with

Expert Panelists will share their experiences with the participants to foster the development and growth of the next generation of researchers in our broad community.

Program Committee of the Doctoral Symposium
Bedir Tekinerdogan, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Doctoral symposium co-chair
Christelle Urtado, IMT Mines Ales, France, Doctoral symposium co-chair

Moharram Challenger, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Michel Chaudron, Eindhoven University, The Netherlands
Ghizlane El Boussaidi, École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada
Anne Etien, CRIStAL, INRIA and University of Lille, France
Raffaela Mirandola, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Quentin Perez, IMT Mines Ales, France